Pocket Vacations: Amsterdam

Best Amsterdam app

WORLDWIDE – Phoenix, Arizona-based media firm, PMD Studios, launches most-comprehensive city-wide travel app to-date with Pocket Vacations: Amsterdam on Apple IOS devices, providing instant access to original, hosted content, behind-the-scenes footage and mini-documentaries from all over Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Pocket Vacations: Amsterdam is a travel series built into a convenient mobile application where users receive exclusive access to over 90 minutes of original HD content, with international hosts, presented hints, tips and previews of every major attraction as well as on-the-fly event browsing and in-app ticket purchasing to local shows and happenings, all effortlessly streamed to viewer’s IOS devices. To visit the Pocket Vacations website, click here and to visit Pocket Vacations: Amsterdam on the iTunes app store, click here or to download the free version of the app, click here.
“Our app is designed to be the ultimate guide for trip planning and cultural immersion,” Pocket Vacations founder and CEO Ben Powers said, “It’s not just about where to go and what to see, it’s about history, cultural context and in-depth previews of everything the city has to offer. Our goal was to make our viewers as informed as if if they were walking around the city themselves.”
The Pocket Vacations app contains over 70 interviews with movers and shakers from all over the city as well as material presented by International hosts, behind-the-scenes footage at every major attraction, restaurant & shop previews, mini-documentaries, tip lists and advice from locals, dwarfing the size of any other city-wide travel app on the market by comparison and setting a new precedent for travel media coverage and functionality.
The second app in the series, Pocket Vacations: African Safari will debut in late September, 2012. The African Safari app is a first-person perspective documentary that takes users across Kenya, Africa. For a trailer of the Pocket Vacations: African Safari experience, click here.
“Pocket Vacations is the first to market with this type of content, service and distribution,” Powers said. “We are currently looking for funding through various entities, including Kickstarter.com to expand to additional platforms and cities.”
The Pocket Vacations: Amsterdam app sells for $4.99 on the iTunes app store and is available for both iPhone and iPad devices. Pocket Vacations: Amsterdam Lite is available for free download. Expansions to other mobile platforms will launch in the coming months. To visit our Kickstarter campaign page, click here. For more information or for a Pocket Vacations: Amsterdam promotional code to download the app for free, use the contact information above or email info@pocketvacations.com.

Best Amsterdam app

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